Individual Therapy


Life throws us many punches and sometimes they may feel too much to handle by ourselves.  Individual therapy offers a great place to work on issues including grief, low self-esteem, feeling stagnant in personal growth, anger and impulse control, addictions, trauma, depression, stress and anxiety, and many more issues.  I understand how difficult is can be to open up to a stranger, especially if it is your first time in therapy, however I can assure you that therapy is completely confidential, accepting of all cultures and lifestyles, and tailored to fit your needs in order to provide you with the best care possible.

I strive to be the biggest advocate for each and every one of my clients!  I will work collaboratively with you from the first session to the last and will be authentic and transparent with you about progress towards your therapeutic goals.  Let’s team up to bring the joy, laughter, and pleasure back to your life that will help you live each moment to the fullest!