Couples Therapy




Constant arguing about the same issues?  Not feeling cared about or wondering if your partner still loves you?



Not feeling heard, acknowledged, or understood by your partner?  Feeling more distance and less connection within your relationship?


Free stock photo of couple, hands, love, peopleCouples tend to get stuck in negative interaction patterns during conflicts and the longer this destructive dance continues, the more it begins to seem like the relationship is stuck in a downward spiral without any hope of surviving.  Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), created and developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, has been proven to alleviate couple distress that is a maintaining factor for mood, anxiety, and other disorders.  Studies on EFT show a 70-75% recovery rate in 10-12 sessions and an improvement rate of 86-90% for relationship satisfaction across a variety of populations.  EFT looks at how partners construct their emotional experience of relatedness and how they engage each other in order to expand emotional responses, create new kinds of interactions, and foster secure bonding between one another.

I would be honored to work with you and your partner on strengthening your relationship and creating a new interactive dance for your relationship’s communication based on comfort, empathy, and connection!

**Afternoon & evening times available**